FMF USA Newsletters

The current and previous issues of the FMF USA Newsletter and Bulletins are listed below. Each copy is available as a PDF file.


Newsletter Volume 4 Number 1
This is the first issue of our newsletter featuring a brand new format. The issue gives details of our new free online theory course as well as the new online image submission system. There is an article especially for California and Nevada NT providers.

Newsletter Volume 3 Number 3
Our feature article is about the significance of the size of difference in NT measurements between co-twins. It is written by Dr. Karl Oliver Kagan, author of many articles on aspects of first trimester screening and colleague of Professor Nicolaides at Harris Birthright Research Centre for Fetal Medicine. This article points, once again, to the utility of the nuchal translucency, above and beyond its power as an early predictor of chromosome abnormalities.

Newsletter Volume 3 Number 2
In this issue we cover the Fetal Medicine Foundation USA’s position on the following two topics: (1) When should screening begin, at 10 weeks or 11 weeks?, and (2) Should credentialing organizations require that a physican who employs NT-credentialed sonographers go through the entire credentialing process himself/herself?

Newsletter Volume 3 Number 1
Lead article by Jiri Sonek on Fronto-Maxillary Facial Angle in Screening for Trisomy 21.

Newsletter Volume 2 Number 4
Lead article by Dr. Martin Walker about laser Ablation Therapy for Twin-Twin Transfusion, along an article about the new online short course for Nasal Bone and Tricuspid Flow Accreditations.

Newsletter Volume 2 Number 3
Lead article by Dr. Alan Nadel about MSAFP after First Trimester Assessment, along with articles about the newly created non-profit organization Fetal Medicine Foundation USA, and nasal bone scanning tips.

Newsletter Volume 2 Number 2
Lead article by Dr. Eugene Pergament giving some Personal Observations regarding First Trimester Screening, with articles regarding Tricuspid Flow and Regurgitation in the First Trimester by Cathy Downing RT RDMS and Jiri Sonek MD RDMS, and billing for NT exams.

Newsletter Volume 2 Number 1
Lead article by Dr. Frank Chervenak regarding Ethics in First Trimester Screening, and other articles about the Triscupid Flow Accreditation Protocol and Process, optimizing ultrasound systems for NT and Nasal Bone Scanning, and the Fetal Medicine Foundation risk calculation software.


Bulletin December 2006
This bulletin contains information about the new CPT codes, 76813 and 76814, for nuchal translucency ultrasound exams.