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We are proud to offer a unique opportunity for physicians to obtain a supervisory status for the following markers: nuchal translucency, nasal bone, fronto-maxillary angles, tricuspid and ductus venosus Doppler in screening for chromosomal defects and uterine artery Doppler in screening for preeclampsia. The "Supervisory Physician List" includes persons who completed the "11-13 Weeks Scan" lecture on-line and identified themselves as physicians. Being included on this list does not mean that the physician is accredited to perform any of the specialized ultrasound examinations listed above. To check whether a healthcare provider has achieved full accreditation, please refer to the "Accredited Sonographers" list. Please, note that the names of physicians who become fully accredited will be found on both the "Accredited" and the "Supervisory" lists.

The physicians on the "Supervisory" list have a unique FMF number, which includes the letter "S" to designate the supervisory status. The numbers on the "Accredited" list do not contain any letter designations. Those physicians who have not yet achieved the "Accredited" status cannot independently submit ultrasound markers (e.g. nuchal translucency measurements) for use in first trimester risk assessment. They may, however, use their supervisory status to endorse the accuracy of a marker (e.g. nuchal translucency measurement) if the ultrasound image had been acquired by an accredited sonographer.

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