Re-Accreditation and Quality Assurance

Each fully accredited person must be audited by the FMF annually after the NT credential is earned.

The audit involves:

  • Assessment of the distribution of measurements of each sonographer. The CRL and NT measurement data used for distribution analysis can be obtained from the FMF software audit or from the laboratory that is used for first trimester screening. Click here for software audit export instructions. The FMF can obtain your data directly from the lab with your consent if you do not use the software.
  • Examination of the quality of 3 NTimages from each accredited person.

An audit is considered to be satisfactory the distribution of NT measurements as well as the quality of the images meets expected standards. The NT distribution cannot be meaningfully assessed if fewer than 30 scans have been performed, but in this situation an individual can still pass their audit if their images are satisfactory.