Risk Calculation Software

This free software program can be used to calculate risks for Down syndrome based on maternal age, NT and CRL and further refined by the other ultrasound markers (nasal bone, tricuspid flow, ductus venosus, and facial angle). This software should not be used to calculate risk based on the biochemistry, as the assays used in Europe are not the same as in the United States. This software allows you to keep track of all your own NT measurements for internal quality assurance and for easy annual re-accreditation data export. In addition, the software allows you to calculate fetus-specific aneuploidy risks for higher order multiples, in which case the blood tests cannot be performed.

To obtain the software, please complete the new online course and insure that your FMF NT credential is current. Then you may download the software and obtain your license file directly from the web. The software is absolutely free to those who hold current FMF NT credentials.