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This list includes sonographers and physicians who have successfully met the requirements of accreditation and/or re-accreditation. Search by last name or FMF ID number to obtain information regarding accreditation status, expiration date and areas of accreditation (i.e. NT, NB, TF, DV, FMFA)

This list is currently being updated, please contact if the name you are searching for does not appear on this list for final verification.

New online re-accreditation process effective March 1st, 2009.

During this transition period into the new online re-accreditation process-all those submitting prior to March 1st and pending analysis are now listed with expiration of March 1st , 2009 during this transitionary grace period--completed reports will be sent prior to March 1st.

Search by ID or Last Name. ID takes priority over name.

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